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快山窯の青白磁の煎茶(汲出碗)と銘々皿を、慈光店舗にて販売しております。Blue and white porcelain Japanese tea cups and plates by Kaiji Tsukamoto are available at the Jikoh store.

青白磁 塚本快示 blue and white porcelain tsukamotokaiji

塚本快示 青白磁 汲出碗 銘々皿 Blue and white porcelain tea bowls and plates Kaiji

汲出碗には 唐草、銘々皿には牡丹が描かれており、澄んだ水色の釉薬がとても美しい青白磁です。
  • 1912年12月14日 – 岐阜県土岐市に産まれる。生家は累代製陶を営んでいた。
  • 1927年 – 父を助けながら作陶を始める。
  • 1963年 – 第10回日本伝統工芸展に初入選を果たす。
  • 1961年 – 通商産業省のGマークに初入選。
  • 1964年 – カリフォルニア博覧会で金賞を受賞。
  • 1965年 – 第12回日本伝統工芸展日本工芸会会長賞。
  • 1967年 – モントリオール万博に出品しており、海外での活動も行っている。
  • 1973年 – 岐阜県重要無形文化財「青白磁」保持者に認定。
  • 1977年 – 紫綬褒章受章
  • 1979年 – 日本陶磁協会賞。
  • 1983年  人間国宝に認定。
    • 4月13日   重要無形文化財「白磁」「青白磁」保持者に認定。
    • 6月17日   土岐市名誉市民に推挙される。
  • 1990年6月10日  逝去。

The items introduced today are a blue and white porcelain Japanese tea cups and and plates , both made at the Kiln of Kaisan  (Tsukamoto Kaiji’s kiln).
Japanese tea cups are painted with arabesque and the plates are painted with peonies., and the clear light blue glaze is very beautiful blue and white porcelain.
These pieces were made at the Kaizan Kiln of potter Kaishi Tsukamoto, a leading expert in white porcelain and blue-and-white porcelain, and a holder of Important Intangible Cultural Properties (Living National Treasure).

Tsukamoto Kaiji focused his research on white porcelain and celadon porcelain from the Northern Song period of China. He was impressed by the book “Kageoiki” written by Fujio Koyama, an antique ceramics researcher, and refined his own techniques. In particular, he created a style characterized by “katakiri patterns,” in which white porcelain is carved with a steel or bamboo spatula while it is still dry, a technique that has earned him a high reputation not only in Japan but also in the Chinese ceramic world.
Kiln of Kaisan blue-and-white porcelain  Japanese tea cups and and plates are available at Jikoh’s store. Please take a look.

~Biography of Kaizan Tsukamoto
December 14, 1912 – Born in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. His family had been in the pottery business for generations.
1927 – Began making pottery while helping his father.
1963 – Awarded his first prize at the 10th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition.
1961 – Awarded the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s G-Mark for the first time.
1964 – Awarded the Gold Prize at the California Exposition.
1965 – Awarded the Chairman’s Prize at the 12th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition of the Japan Crafts Association.
1967 – Exhibited at the Montreal Expo, and has been active overseas.
1973 – Recognized as the holder of Gifu Prefecture’s Important Intangible Cultural Property “Blue and White Porcelain”.
1977 – Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon1979 – Awarded the Ceramic Society of Japan Prize.
1983 – Recognized as Living National Treasure.
April 13: Recognized as the holder of Important Intangible Cultural Property “White Porcelain” and “Blue and White Porcelain”.
June 17, 1990 – Awarded Honorary Citizen of Toki City.
Passed away on June 10, 1990.

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