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島岡達三(人間国宝)地釉象嵌象嵌六角鉢を、ヤフーショッピングで販売しております。Tatsuzo Shimaoka (Living National Treasure), Jii-glazed inlaid hexagonal bowl with inlaid inlay, is available for sale.


島岡達三 地釉象嵌象嵌六角鉢 共箱

慈光ヤフーショッピング 島岡達三 地釉象嵌象嵌六角鉢 共箱



その後日本民藝館で 河井寛次郎や濱田庄司の作品に出会い民芸の陶芸家への道を決意しました。その後東京工業大学窯業学科に入学しました。その翌年,益子に行き濱田を訪ね,卒業後の入門を願い許されましたが、太平洋戦争となりビルマへ出征したことにより入門は先延ばしになりました。生還し、1946年に念願の濱田に師事することとなりました。



The item introduced here is an inlaid ashtray by Tatsuzo Shimaoka, a living national treasure.

Tatsuzo Shimaoka was born in Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo in 1919. His father was a braided cord maker.

Later, at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, he encountered the works of Kawai Kanjiro and Hamada Shoji, and decided to become a folk art potter. He then entered the Ceramics Department of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. The following year, he went to Mashiko to visit Hamada, and was allowed to enter the school after graduation, but the Pacific War broke out and he was sent to Burma, so his studies were postponed. He returned to Mashiko, and in 1946, he began to study under Hamada, which was his long-cherished dream.

Thereafter, he established a residence and kiln in Mashiko, where he developed his own techniques and unique style of work. He has a strong interest in the Jomon period and created the Jomon inlaying technique using Mashiko clay and glazes. The works made with this technique, which is retrofitted with braided cords, are also representative works of Tatsuzo Shimaoka and have been designated as Important Intangible Cultural Properties.

This hexagonal bowl is very atmospheric and incorporates Tatsuzo Shimaoka’s techniques and characteristics. The balance of the shape is very good, giving the viewer a sense of security. The view can be enjoyed from any angle.

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