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十代三輪休雪の萩茶碗を、販売しております。Kyusetsu Miwa 10th generation(Living National Treasure) Hagi tea bowl is available at Jikoh store.

十代三輪休雪 萩茶碗 Miwa Kyusetsu 10th generation Hagi tea bowl

慈光ヤフーショッピング 十代三輪休雪(休和) 萩茶碗 茶道具 共箱 人間国宝




The item introduced here is a Hagi tea bowl by Kyusetsu Miwa X. Miwa Kyusetsu X is a representative Hagi ware artist and a living national treasure together with his younger brother Kyusetsu XI (Jusetsu). He started his career as a potter at a young age and distinguished himself. At the same time, he also acquired an education as a tea master. His works are characterized by tradition and formality, but also by their majestic power and strength. He was highly respected among tea masters and produced many masterpieces of tea ceremony ceramics. In the latter period of his life, he handed over the family name of Kyusetsu to his younger brother, who took the name of Kyuwa, and continued to produce excellent works.

This Hagi tea bowl shows the characteristic of Kyusetsu well. The white glaze is applied to the entire surface in a flowing manner, and the texture and skin are well expressed. The base, waist, belly, and mouth rim are moderately rounded, and the prospective view is also well rounded. The piece is worth seeing no matter where you look at it. This is a highly recommended item.

Available at the Jikoh store in Nishiogikubo

十代三輪休雪,萩茶碗 Miwa Kyusetsu 10th generation Hagi tea bowl

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